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Facebook Tab Integration

Whenever one of your customers go to your Facebook Page they have easy access to your shop right below your “Likes” and your “About” sections. There is a tab that can be clicked(which is fully customizable you can move the tab and you can change the tab image/name) and they’ll then be sent to your theme shop.

Shop Tab Small

Beautiful Themes

We have a vast array of Elegant Themes to choose from, below are just the tip of the iceberg. Visit your admin and search through them all. Also you can create your own them to go along with your brand; this service is ONLY $1 per mo. to create a Custom Theme.

Your Admin

When you Sign Up with us you’ll get access to your own Admin. In your admin you’ll have the freedom to manage just about anything to do with your shop. In addition, you’ll be able to manage your Website(yourshopname.etsythemeshop.com) which is Free upon sign up. Below are pictures of just a fraction of what you’ll be able to do.

Feature Your Items

When you feature an item with us, your get The Works! You get your Item featured on the Giveaway(shown below in the slider) we made to get you more visibility. In Addition to the giveaway, your item is Featured below Every Shop(shown below in the slider), except for the shops that have the No Ads(A $2 per mo. feature that removes ads from your shop). After you item runs, you get a featured item report to show you the amount of activity your item got in the Full 24hrs. To Feature you item it’s ONLY $4, for the full day.

Pro Features

Pro Features can be found in your admin, and are a group of optional features designed to optimize your shop to gain more visibility. The Features have a monthly charge associated with them, they’re only month to month no contract. Below is a list of the features:


No Ads

This is a feature that removes “featured ads” from the bottom of your Page. This give you more visibility. This also gives you a third row of items on your Facebook Emeded app.


Add to your Blog or Website

You have the capability to take your beautiful themed shop and embed it into you website or blog. With this feature you get even more chances for visibility.


Use Your Own Theme

Be have a custom theme builder in your admin that allows you to upload images as your background; not only that, but you can also change color and the transparency of the layout of the shop. This catches the shoppers eye as they visit your shop.


“Get More Likes”(Like Gate)

The like gate is designed to get you more likes, and we all know how good it looks the more likes your fb page has. Basically, when your customers go to your Etsy Theme Shop they’ll of course see your beautiful products and want to know more; when they click on an item view more details, they get a Note that’ll show and ask them to like your page. They have the freedom to choose not to like, though having this is a great tool that has been proven to increase likes.


Create A Blog

That’s right! We know that alot of you Etsy owners are also huge bloggers, so we made it to where you can create your own blog post with Etsy Theme Shop. Why manage two different profiles when you can do it all in one, you have your blog and your shop in the same place, so that means more traffic directed to your site to drive more sales for you.

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