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Etsy Theme Shop is bigger than just Facebook. You can actually have a whole website that’s unique to your Etsy store! Look below for a few examples of websites we’ve done for others.


DK Brown Creations

A gorgeous floral background, amid pinks, purples and teals showcases their centerpieces in this softly-themed Etsy shop.

Mossaic art and ornamental earrings are just a few of the things Deborah offers. Though the pieces are distinct, there’s a common cohesiveness that binds them together, and that’s what makes a great atmosphere for shopping.

Take a look at her wonders by clicking on the image.


Steampunk Coasters

Perfection is in imperfection.

That’s the motto of Steampunk Coasters. Every coaster is made by hand, with each 4×4 coaster being a reflection of it’s owner.

And so for a business that’s always been unique to each customer, Steampunk Coasters wanted a website which was unique to reflect that.

Click on the picture to see their website.



Most think of paint-on-canvas when they hear “art”. But for Unique2ChicDesigns, art is the emotions and sayings that are reflected on her Jewelry.

Some ideas are bold, others are whimsical.

She needed a website that would reflect her art. A website that could be deemed art itself.

Click on the picture to see what she her website.

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